Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This I Believe Assignment

1. A link to the essay
2. Author
3. Title
–4. One sentence of what the belief is
To keep on "swimming" despite what is happening
–5. 2 examples from the story that showed their belief
''Just keep swimming'', I tell myself when the neighbors gossip about the new divorcee and young couples look at me with pity in their eyes.
''Just keep swimming'', I say to myself while I'm making dinner, doing the dishes, supervising homework, putting in another load of laundry at 10:30 at night, long after I wish to be in bed with a good book or a warm body.
–6. 1 favorite passage
Last week my 14 year old son said to me from the back seat of the car ,'' you know Mom ,I've really made a good adjustment to my new school''. Yesterday I interviewed for a real job, one that might make the reach to the end of the month. Last night a gentleman friend called to ask me out for dinner. I'm beginning to swim with style. I might even be able to turn over and float on my back someday. Just keep swimming.

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