Thursday, January 17, 2008

Top Ten Important Characters

Top Ten Important Characters

1. Harry Potter: The main character. Everything in this book and the series revolves around him. He is filled with bravery, love and compassion. He is the Chosen One to vanquish Lord Voldemort forever. Harry also has leadership skills and runs the show. Harry makes all the plans and without him this book wouldn’t exist. Not to mention he destroyed two Horcruxes.
2. Voldemort: The prime antagonist. Voldemort is a terrible and great villain. Voldemort is the character that provides all the conflict. He is a very important character because of his Horcruxes that make him a near invincible bad guy, and the fact that he is almost in complete control of the Wizarding World of Britain.
3. Ron Weasley: Harry Potter’s best friend, he has been at his side for the whole series and even destroys a Horcrux in this book. Despite a conflict in this book where Ron leaves the group, he is guided back by advice and determination to help others, so his relationship with Harry and Hermione is strengthened.
4. Hermione Granger: Harry Potter’s other best friend; Hermione has created all the plans and is the most logically smart witch of the group. In this novel Hermione contributes to the destruction of Voldemort by destroying a Horcrux. She is a round character, helpful, caring, and bright.
5. Severus Snape: Snape has been on the rocks throughout the series. He has been subject to judgment by his friends, supposed friends, and enemies. However, the fact that Snape kept his cover for the greater good defines his character, making him the bravest man in the series. He was a spy but he should get as much respect as a great warrior.
6. Albus Dumbledore: Although this powerful character is in this book for a short time, he plays a major role throughout the series and is in the book in spirit. Dumbledore is a selfless, good wizard who helps out Harry and the gang by leaving clues about his intentions. He is a very mysterious character in that he held all the cards and nobody knew what he meant. He is a very important character and he destroyed a Horcrux.
7. Neville Longbottom: He may not be the most intelligent character in the book, but he has many other attributes that make him an important character. He is proud, brave, loving, and strong. Neville was chosen by Harry to carry on killing Horcruxes to finish Voldemort, so this shows that, at least in Harry’s eyes, he is a very important character.
8. Bellatrix Lestrange: She is Voldemort’s Lieutenant and right hand woman. Although she has had some screw ups in the past, she is a very important character because Voldemort chose her vault in Gringotts to hold his Horcrux, and Voldemort still respects her despite blunders in other books. She is an important character in the book because she is a key component in Voldemort’s reign of terror.
9. Ollivander: This very interesting character has made a few appearances in past books, but his job, thoughts, and knowledge are essential to the plot of this book. Ollivander is a Wandmaker and tells Harry about some secrets of Wandlore, which help Harry solve Dumbledore’s clues on the Deathly Hallows to end Voldemort.
10. Griphook: A cunning Goblin who helps Harry, Ron, and Hermione. He was in captivity at the Malfoy Manor when Harry rescued him. Griphook gave him essential information about a Horcrux and helped them break into Gringotts to steal it. Griphook was helpful, but a resentful and nasty Goblin, but nonetheless helptful.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Harry Potter-Section 7-Post B

I am writing a letter to Severus Snape, and I will be commenting about probably the most stunning twist in final section of the book that involved him.
Dear Severus Snape,
There are many things I would like to say to you many of them are questions and the rest of them are praise for your brave actions. Some questions though are how? How did you maintain your true allegiance to Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix and more impressively keep it from Lord Voldemort. How did you fool all those people, and how could you turn every good witch and wizard against you even though you were on their side? I must say bravo Snape. It takes true guts to be a double spy and even then, rise through Voldemort’s ranks by killing Dumbledore even though he planned it. Although I know why you did it, out of love for Lily Potter, which makes me wonder why you were in Slytherin… But anyways the ending was truly spectacular even though you died and weren’t around to see it. Oh well, best wishes!
Tommy Tyson

Harry Potter-Section 7-Post A

One theme that was recognized and concluded in this book was the good at heart triumph over evil. Or "good always win."

"The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well."(p. 759) This quote is significant because it wraps up all the remaining questions and sets the stage with one grand conclusion, this also makes readers happy and finishes the series.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Harry Potter-Section 6-Post B

I am going to write a letter to Tom Riddle, or more commonly known as Lord Volemort and I will be asking him questions, giving him advice, and other things as well:
Dear Voldemort,
Obviously you are being challenged more by Harry Potter than you ever have before. Before his sixth year at Hogwarts he has just been trying to stop you from gaining power and trying to keep you at bay, but now that you found out that he and Dumbledore have been after your Horcruxes, which you probably thought were a secret that nobody knew about, and attempting to rid you of this world forever must be quite a shock to you. I read about how you slaughtered dozens of wizards and goblins around you, whether they were friends or foes because you just found out about Harry’s quest, and I understand that you would be angry or scared but why would you do that? I would advise you against that and I am telling you to keep your cool. That doesn’t solve anything and you need to check up on your Horcruxes, which you did. Also, keeping Nagini close to you is also smart, but sometime in the near future after you figure out the deal with the Hogwarts horcrux, you should put Nagini somewhere unexpected and random, I know that you are big on the trophy keeping thing but if you let that go and make it impossible for Nagini to be traced then you can’t be killed.
Yours truly,
Tommy Tyson

Harry Potter-Section 6-Post A

"Professor, we've got to barricade the school, he's coming now!"
This quote is significant because it shows that there is going to be a climactic finale to this book, and this quote helps build the suspense and anticipation for it.

Simile: "... and tiny little ears like a hippo's." Luna Lovegood says this on page 511.
Onomatopoeia: "CRASH". This sound is describing the sound of coin and treasure falling on page 537.
Metaphor:"... he was Voldemort". This is when Harry compares himself to Lord Voldemort by use of a metaphor on page 548.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Harry Potter-Section 5-Post B

In this section, J.K Rowling uses her suspense skills in that she gives us answers, and then branches off of those to raise more questions. In section 5 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, we (as readers) finally start getting some answers to some of those pesky, unsolvable clues that Dumbledore left Harry, Ron, and Hermione. In Hermione’s book that was left to her, an odd symbol was etched in its pages, but in this section the gang visits Xenophilius Lovegood and he gives them some odd answers. He tells them about the Deathly Hallows which are three items that make the possessor of all of them master of death. J.K Rowling makes the book even more cliff hanging because she writes each character to have his or own belief about the Hallows. “The three of them spoke at the same time; Hermione said, “the Cloak,” Ron said, “the Wand,” and Harry said, “the Stone.”” This quote reveals each characters thoughts about the Hallows and why one may be better than others. But the unanswered questions J.K Rowling asks are “who is right?” “Where are the Hallows?” “Do the Hallows even exist?” and “How do we get them?” This turn of events and wonderful writing wasn’t the only thing that happened though. Also, the gang gets attacked by Death Eaters, they get captured and imprisoned at the Malfoy Manor, and they escape (but not without the sad death of Dobby the House Elf) to Ron’s brothers house, where they formulate a plot to steal a Horcrux out of a Gringott’s vault.

Harry Potter-Section 5-Post A

Mottled: spotted or blotched in coloring.
Effusion: the act of effusing or pouring forth.

I believe one emerging theme in this book is love. Love is encouraged among friends and even those witches and wizards that are unknown. Examples in this section show that.