Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Harry Potter-Section 6-Post B

I am going to write a letter to Tom Riddle, or more commonly known as Lord Volemort and I will be asking him questions, giving him advice, and other things as well:
Dear Voldemort,
Obviously you are being challenged more by Harry Potter than you ever have before. Before his sixth year at Hogwarts he has just been trying to stop you from gaining power and trying to keep you at bay, but now that you found out that he and Dumbledore have been after your Horcruxes, which you probably thought were a secret that nobody knew about, and attempting to rid you of this world forever must be quite a shock to you. I read about how you slaughtered dozens of wizards and goblins around you, whether they were friends or foes because you just found out about Harry’s quest, and I understand that you would be angry or scared but why would you do that? I would advise you against that and I am telling you to keep your cool. That doesn’t solve anything and you need to check up on your Horcruxes, which you did. Also, keeping Nagini close to you is also smart, but sometime in the near future after you figure out the deal with the Hogwarts horcrux, you should put Nagini somewhere unexpected and random, I know that you are big on the trophy keeping thing but if you let that go and make it impossible for Nagini to be traced then you can’t be killed.
Yours truly,
Tommy Tyson

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