Sunday, November 18, 2007

Harry Potter-Section 1-Post B

“He had thought he knew Dumbledore quite well, but ever since reading this obituary he had been forced to recognize that he had barely known him at all.”(p.21). This quote occurs in the second chapter, I believe it is significant for a few reasons. One being that in the previous Harry Potter books, the first couple chapters really set the scene and mood for the book, which means that this is not the last time that something about Harry’s and Dumbledore’s relationship will be mentioned. Another reason is that at the end of the previous book, the author did not really wrap up the Harry-Dumbledore situation, which means it will be important in this book. The last reason is that in that chapter, not only is the obituary mentioned, but a look into a biography in the near future, which will be mentioned later. Now on a change of subject, this book so far jumped right off into action and suspense, and in the chapters The Seven Potters and Fallen Warrior grief and sadness was experienced. The plot has been wonderful and this book is a ten out of ten so far. I hope that the book keeps up the pace of getting better and better. On another change of subject matter, I believe Harry Potter will undergo changes and experiences never before seen in the other books. I think these experiences will definitely include grief and sorrow, but I also think his feelings will increase in loyalty and trust of his friends, as well as even love. In the final book of the Harry Potter series, anything can happen.

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