Thursday, November 29, 2007

Harry Potter-Section 3-Post B

In this section in the book, a lot of key conflicts and exciting things have happened. Many of these things I am sure are important to the novel in whole, and the conflicts will shape the characters as a result. In the first chapter of section 3, Remus Lupin comes in the scene and offers Harry his assistance (p. 211). If the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is like any of the other six books, I am sure that this will not be the first person vs. person conflicts Harry has with someone else. But he denies Lupin and another key conflict occurs. Harry and the gang break into the ministry of magic to steal a Horcrux from Dolores Umbridge, now because the whole wizarding government is after Harry; this is an example of a person vs. society conflict when they get discovered and the ministry puts a price on his head so now the whole wizarding world is after him. Then later on in the section, the group is faced with their biggest conflict of all. After an argument and long lasting tempers, Ron leaves the group and storms out on Harry and Hermione (p. 310). This was mainly due to the person vs. person conflict between Harry and Ron, but also Ron threw Hermione in this mix due to false accusations. All of these conflicts and occurrences will in time shape these characters and change their course of events, but I hope it is some time in the near future because the book is sad enough without the friendship breaking between Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I predict though, that later on in the book, Ron will redeem himself somehow, whether with a self realization thing or somebody ushering him on.

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