Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Harry Potter-Section 2-Post B

I am writing a letter to Harry Potter, the protagonist:
Dear Harry Potter,
I first off would like to give you some advice; no matter where you are do not lose your head, always stay focused, and be prepared. So far you can tell that Hermione has not lost her head in some life or death situations, and as the group’s unofficial “leader” you need to do the same. So follow her example like in the chapter A Place to Hide, where instinctively she grabbed you and Ron and disapperated away from the Weasley house after Kingsley’s warning at the wedding. On my second piece of advice, you always need to stay focused. This kind of goes hand in hand with my first piece of advice, but it is crucial nonetheless. Finally for my third piece of advice, you always need to be prepared; you could take a page out of Hermione’s and even Ron’s book. For they both demonstrated this vital bit of advice; Hermione packed all of yours and Ron’s things and stuff you will need for your mission in case of a quick getaway, and it turned out you needed it, and that will not be the first time, so always be prepared. I would also say Ron has been prepared too. In the chapter The Ghoul in Pajamas, Ron showed signs of preparedness by dressing up his ghoul in pajamas, and giving him red hair to throw off the death eaters of his whereabouts by telling them his story that he is sick at home with spattergoit. In conclusion Harry, as the leader of you group, follow my advice, because as you’re the one with the power to end Voldemort’s reign of terror, you need to succeed your mission, and my advice will help that.
Tommy Tyson

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