Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside

Camera Angles and Movement:
The camera angles and movements played a major role in the affect this movie would have on people. Director Alejandro Amenabar uses a variety of techniques, some of which jumped out at me. I noticed a lot of Close-UP shots whenever they filmed Ramon in his bed. It was like he took up most of the screen and therefore dominated our thoughts and feelings. Another aspect of Amenabar’s directing that I noticed was his use of first person, that is, with the camera as Ramon’s eyes. Especially when he was daydreaming. The scene would start out with a Medium shot from the doorway of Ramon’s room, looking in, then the camera would dolly forward until it was out the window and it kind of morphed with Ramon smoothly. Then you knew it was a first person shot because the camera would swoop about like it was flying. All these movements and angles made me feel an emotion just like the mood of the movie at that time, it was great directing.
Relation to Diving Bell and the Butterfly:
The Sea Inside is closely related to the Diving Bell and the Butterfly in its similarities and its differences. The similarities between the two are mainly physical, Jean-Dominique Bauby and Ramon Sampedro are both physically handicapped men, but are still mentally able and intelligent. Society in both cases fell pity for each man, and their case is made public. But mainly there is a big difference. Bauby desires to live at least long enough to tell his story, whereas Ramon wishes to die, because his life is miserable in his state. Also another difference is Ramon can eat and talk, for he is a normal quadriplegic but Bauby has locked-in syndrome, so he can only blink his left eye. But similarly, the tales that these two men have are wonderful, controversial, and inspiring.
The Right to Die:
The right to die is a difficult topic in that it is touchy and hard to choose, in my case at least. As a religious person, I personally believe there is more to life than being able to walk or move. But I can also see why people like Ramon feel differently. That is why I am more middle of the road, because if I were faced in the situation of assistant suicide, I would say no, but I am not going to force my way of life and thinking upon those who should have their freedom of choice.

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