Sunday, October 14, 2007

Section 4: Lone Survivor- Part 1

Quote 1: "Down the mountain, from every angle. Axe flanked left, trying to cut off the downward trail, firing nonstop. Mikey was blasting away...shouting,...'Marcus, no options now buddy, kill 'em all!'" -Marcus Luttrell (p. 195)
I think this quote is important because it shows the desperation of the Navy SEALs to try and find a solution that will get them out of there alive. Also this quote is important because it is the beginning of the end for their operation.
Quote 2: "We're gonna f***ing die out here" -Marcus Luttrell (p. 230)
I believe this quote is an important one because it reveals the true situation that the SEALs are in. When this quote was said, Danny was dying and the rest of the team realized they would die to. It is a powerful quote because it is so sad.

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