Sunday, October 7, 2007

Section 3: Lone Survivor- Part 1

Summary of Section 3: Pages 139-194

In this section, Marcus Luttrell and his other SEAL recruits finish their training. They finish Hell Week, which concludes phase 2 of BUD/S training and he moves on to his advanced personnel traing (phase 3). During that phase Marcus learns how to jump out of planes, researches and studies medicine, and goes through camoflauge and stealth school for sniping. Now that he went through core SEAL training, and he specialized in paramedics and sniping, Marcus was a fully quallified SEAL and ready for a mission. He is dispatched to Afghanistan where he lies in an Afghani mountain range and does "minor" missions and operations. But he encounters fire fights and goes through a lot. But he finally gets a big chance in Operation Redwing where they are supposed to eliminate a huge member of the Taliban. For security purposes, his name is not mentioned. So he and 3 other SEALs get dropped off at their landing spot and are about to start the mission.

Biography of Author:

Marcus Luttrell joined the Navy SEALs in 1999, and was awarded the Navy cross for his heroic actions in Afghanistan in 2006. was born in Texas in 1975 and grew up there too. He now lives a civilian life. (Picture)

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