Sunday, October 21, 2007

Section 5: Lone Survivor- part 2

Summary of Section 5: pages 257-317
This is a scary and suspensful section. All of Marcus's teammates are dead and he is alone with only his rifle. He is being tracked. All he is trying to do is make it to a river to drink and then the top to be saved. He tries to get to the top but falls down the sheer cliff face but he then crawls to a waterful, but gets shot by a snipers bullett and falls again. He starts hallucinating from lack of food and water and the pain. When Marcus wakes up he is surrounded. This Pashtun tribe takes him in and decides to protect him at all costs. For that is their choice so now they must follow through with it. But some Taliban sneak in and beat him up, but they are driven away by the village people. For the rest of the section, some tribesmen and Marcus are hiding in the mountains from the Taliban, while the tribe leader seeks out a U.S base for help.
My Reaction:
I had mixed feelings about this section. I kind of hoped for more intense action that was different from the mainstream plot. Because the intense situations that Marcus gets himself in to are kind of repetitive. Except for one part. My favorite part of the section was when Marcus didn't have time to reach his gun, so he took out a grenade and threw it so well placed it took out both enemies and sent rock flying down below on others. The book also gets kind of slow and repetitive at around the part where he is being held and all he talks about is how he only gets bread, then water, then bread, then water, so I kind of get sick of it. But my mixed feelings are mixed because no matter how boring or slow or repetitive some parts of this book may be, Marcus Luttrell still expirienced everything he says. It is just sometimes the way he says things can be kind of boring. Another thing that he includes that I like is he tells of his family gathering home in Texas, he did not know this at the time, but it is cool how he includes it in his story so it shows what his family thinks during his struggle in the mountains of Afghanistan. Marcus also scratches bible verses and quotes into caves he passes which i though was cool.


jake said...

hey tommy, good job on your blog it really described and painted a picture of how you felt about your memoir. And they way you sort of backed it up, just added to the feeling.

Paige said...

Tommy, you did a great job in describing your section. It sounds like a really good book. One thing i would recommend is that i would add more description in your summary. Otherwise, great job!