Monday, October 1, 2007

Section 2: Lone Survivor

Summary of Section 2: Pages 75-138

In this section, Marcus tells us about some of the training he went through at Coronado. He talks of his first week (called "Indoc") and that was hard and the point of it was to test the SEALs mentally and physically if they really want to stay for the next 5 weeks. Some quit but no that many. So on he went, the next 4 weeks were brutal, but he never quit. Marcus started learning things like leadership, courage, team, and just started to think he knew what was going on, when the 5th week (called "Hell Week") started. It was insane. A man actually went crazy, people were quitting everywhere, they lost half their men before lunch on the first day, but not Marcus.

10 Loaded Words:

1. Superior: This word has a positive effect on anybody who knows what it means. Marcus chose this word to show that HE knew what it meant to be superior because he was a SEAL.
2. Drastic metamorphosis: These 2 words are loaded in that they can have a positive or a negative effect on me. Drastic metamorphosis, or a big change, are just HUGE words to show the reader that they are stressing going from a little to a lot. It can either be a good change or a bad change.
3. Teamwork: This has a positive effect on me because Marcus Luttrell put that word in the book to let readers know that what the SEALs had was teamwork, a good thing, but something they had to learn.
4 .Kingdom: This word has no effect on ME but it was used coming from an officer/instructor looking and describling his recruits. It is loaded because the author could have used "men" instead of "kindom".
5. 5'6" Giant: This loaded "phrase" has an effect on me that scares me. I can only imagine a short instructor that scares the crap out of me.
6. Warriors: This word is suposed to have an effect on readers to show them that SEALs are elite, that they are so tough that the author used "warriors" to describe them, and I think of "warriors" as tough.
7. Brotherhood: This word has a positive effect on me in that it symbolizes true friendship and commitment.
8. Mercy: This word when it was used in the text has a negative effect on me because it was coupled with "no". It shows that their traing and instructors showed "no mercy".
9. Melancholy: This word has a negative effect on me because it is sad that some of the really good men quit when they shouldn't have and that some were asked to leave even if they didn't quit because they couldn't be a SEAL physically.
10. Hooyah: This word has no effect on me but it is loaded because it shows the undying obedience of a Navy SEAL and its respone of "hooyah" which means "yes".

My Reaction:
This section was an amazing read because it is just shocking what those guys have to go through. Marcus Luttrell described his expirience very well and wrote that way to give people the truth: that Navy SEALs are superior and tough. So far the book is great and I can't wait untill I hear about the upcoming mission.

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