Sunday, October 14, 2007

Section 4: Lone Survivor- Part 2

Summary of Section 4: Pages 195-256

This is the most intense, suspense filled, action packed, and saddest section so far. It starts out where the SEAL team is in position when a goat herd stumbles across them. The goat herders are taken prisoner by the SEALs and they debate what to do with them. The team votes and agrees that they are not murderers so they let them go. It was the worst decision they ever made. The goat herders told all the village about them and about 180 Taliban soldiers went out and searched the mountain for the SEALs. It was a major fight. The SEALs were on the down hill side and getting flanked on either side. But even though there were only four guys fighting 180, the SEALs never missed. The killed well over 120 before Danny, Mikey, Axe were killed. So it was only Marcus left. But before Mikey died, he got the radio to work and went out in the open fire to get a signa;l and called in for help. SEAL Team 10 and many other guys answered. But before they landed, the Taliban shot down there helocopter and killed them all. So only Marcus is left alone again, and he can't reach the home base to tell them where he is but helocopters are looking for him.

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